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Staying in our Peranakan guesthouse is being eco-conscious. It is not a by-word but a reality in green building investment. Besides the usual recycling practice, please come explore what we have in place to be the foremost Eco-guesthouse in Penang.
Heat recovery system
Hot water is generated from the operations of our air-conditioning compressors. We don’t use electric water heaters but harvest heat from your stay with us. In a way, you shower using ‘free’ hot water. Heat that will be dissipated to the environment is recycled to provide hot water to everyone. We dare claim to be one of the few guesthouses in Penang to utilise this eco-friendly technology. There is no damage to the air-conditioner system. There is no contamination of storage water as there is no direct contact with the heating element. Water is heated externally using heat exchanged from the compressors. As our compressors work less, it becomes more efficient. By being more efficient, we save on our energy costs, which are passed to you.
LED lighting system
Red Inn Court is fully furnished with lighting-emitting diode (LED) light systems. LEDs as compared to Compact Flurescent Lamps (CFLs) have a much lower electrical consumption, yet is able to provide equivalent levels of light. Further, it is 80% more efficient compared to halogen bulbs. Another way of looking at the efficiency is in terms of lumens per watt (or luminous efficiency), an equivalent 9 Watt (W) standard Compact Fluorescent Light bulb (CFL) has an efficacy level of 46. Compare this to a 2.5W 135 Lumens with an efficacy level of 54. This works to be approx 2/3 less energy than a CFL bulb. It comes rated with long life of approx. 15,000 hours, is mercury free, non-radiated heat and goes to full brightness instantly without any flickering.
We also strive to minimise wastage by automating the switching on/off of common corridor lights as far as practicable. Yes! There are numerous timers and contact switches throughout our guesthouse. These timers attached to our lighting system and various exhaust fans work complementarily to minimise energy consumption without inconveniencing our guests. You will also notice that whenever the bathroom is used, the light and exhaust fan switches on only after the door is closed. So, please do not go looking for the light switch whenever you need to answer nature’s call.
Wind-powered Ventilation Roof Fans
A well-ventilated interior enhances the comfort level of our guests. Positive flow is encouraged throughout the guesthouse by installing large air flow grilles and windows along the back wall of the building. Flow of air from the front is naturally exhausted behind. As our guesthouse is 3 storey’s high, we have placed four wind- ventilated roof fans supplemented by regular ceiling and exhaust fans. A non-electric alternative to ventilation, our roof vents use the natural force of wind and air pressure to spin and vent out stale air. They do it with a series of specially shaped vanes that catch the wind and provide rotary motion. Hot and humid air is pulled from the attic and upper floors. It is then vented externally. To enhance the efficiency and reliability levels, we chose to double the required quantity of roof ventilators beyond the recommendation by the supplier.
RFID Energy Saver Card Key System
You will be aware that most hotel rooms come equipped with secure locking devices to prevent unauthorized access. As your security is our utmost concern, our guesthouse is equipped with the latest RFID technology that enhances security over traditional magnetic keycards. Built with the RFID Energy Saver Card key system, our in-room energy saving device (ESD) helps save up to 65% of electricity consumption. Unlike standard energy savers, only authorized Red Inn Court key cards will switch on the lights/TV/air-conditioning in your room. We hope you will help us in this endeavour by removing non-RFID cards from the ESDs whenever the room is vacated. Do rest assured that your comfort is our concern; therefore we have taken the initiative to install ceiling/wall-mounted fans. This will ensure you will not have to wait long for the air-conditioner to cool the room down after a long day away. Yes! All our rooms come equipped with both air-conditioning and ceiling/wall-mounted fans.
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